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F.A.Q. Questions – Answers

Is it possible to use your tiles outdoors?

We recommend to use the tiles of Artkeramia for inside decoration of buildings. If the tiles are effected by direct sunshine for the long term they may lose theirs brightness.

Does your company undertake the mountage/setting of the tiles sold by you?

Our company doesn`t set/mountage tiles. However, we work with specialists in setting and mountage tiles and we can recommend those of them, who have already set our tiles and have got experience of how to do it. You also will be able to set tiles of Artkeramia by yourself using traditional facing technology.

Is it possible to use your tiles in the shower?

All types of tiles could be used in the shower of other places with high content of moisture. For using these tiles on constantly wet surfaces the joints should be lute profusely to keep clear of wet under the tiles.

How can I clean the mosaic made from tiles?

We recommend to avoid any kind of abrasive cleaning supplies. The best way is to use soft sponge and soapy water.

I have a picture that I would like to use for mosaic tiles, but it’s size is not in accordance with the size of the place where I would like to put it on? Could you help me any way?

The size of mosaic directly depends on the quality of given picture. So, if you send us by e-mail this picture, our designer will plan and provide you with the draft project based on it. You can review it and tell us your opinion. In most cases we can change the size of picture, so that it will correspond with targeted size of place.

Do you have any other pictures of photographs aside from those showed on your site?

Yes, we have wide collection of works of famous masters of painting and design, in different subjects from whereby you can choose an interesting picture.

Do you give discount for professional building companies?

Yes, please send all questions in this subject to

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