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Field of application

This technology is an unique solution for putting photo pictures on the places where such materials like wood, paper, textile can`t be used because of undesirable contact with water or wet, and sometimes just due to a very difficult and expensive way of installation.

The photo-mosaic of Artkeramia could be positioned as separate pictures, graphics, and imitation of rare or expensive materials too. The tiles and surfaces of Artkeramia may be used for pads of glasses, trays, ceramic ornaments, and for other subjects of interior and design.

All tiles are selected and prepared with a special method before the picture will be got up. Just a laborious work/highly professional level of getting up the picture allows to transfer in detail and accurately the photo-picture, which than will look on tile practically real, “alive”.

The tile-coating is to be put on easily and quickly with traditional facing technology, and may be to combined with traditional stone tile or with other coatings.

The offered technology used for tiles of Artkeramia is really unique! New unlimited possibilities are opening for you in design, art, and individuality during your projects, that nobody has created/discovered yet; projects that will represent your unrepeatable style, and captivate your ambience.

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